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Weinbergstrasse 147, 8006 Zurich


 +41 43 8100379

Iqama Timings at Madni Masjid Zurich:

Fajr 06:45
Zohr 13:00
Asr 15:15
Maghrib Sunset
Isha 19:00
Friday 13:00

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Madni Masjid



In 1996 Madni Masjid Zurich was established under the banner of Swiss Muslim Society in Zurich, Switzerland.


The purpose of this Masjid was to provide religious facilities to the local Urdu understanding community.


By the grace of Allah Madni Masjid is providing all religious facilities not only to the Urdu speaking community but to all other Muslims from various origins living in Switzerland.


Swiss Muslim Society is a non-profit organization and covers all the expenses through the donations from the local Muslim community. 


Swiss Muslim Society does not indulge in any kind of lobbying or other political activities and does not have any intention of doing so in the future. Swiss Muslim Society has no political or religious affiliation with any political or religious group or party inside and outside the country.


Swiss Muslim Society undermines extremism, fundamentalism and terrorism of any kind and any where in the world.


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Important Notes:

 1, Our doors remain open from morning to late night for any person of any religion. Any body may come and visit us whenever  has time.

 2. Unfortunately due to shortage of space we are unable to accommodate ladies during the Friday prayers. 

 3, The entrance of Masjid is from the yard at the backside of the building,